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Getting to know the “Next Gen”

As our own “Next Gen” extended family winds down their school year, we’d like to showcase¬†one member of that important team.

This week, we feature Jordin Ann Purchase. Jordin is a Freshman at Benzie Central High School. She also happens to be a Junior Associate at Crystal Crate and Cargo, having grown up coming to the store often with her mom (Lisa Purchase).

Jordan is solid academic student and a gifted all-round athlete. Just by looking at this photo, you can tell she gets great joy in her athletic pursuits. Jordin’s family is hosting an exchange student from Germany this year. She’s taking German online so that she will be prepared to visit her exchange student (Ben) brother’s family in Germany.

If you see Jordin, congratulate her on being a CC&C Junior Associate, as well as a great role model in our community.

Watch for our next Next Gen highlight soon!

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