About Us

Nestled along the Betsie Valley Trail, in the shadow of downtown Beulah’s old Courthouse, Crystal Crate & Cargo brings together world-respected names in home, kitchen, and personal accessories with some of northwest Michigan’s finest artisan work and delectable pantry offerings.

A unique collection of statements on fashion, food, and fun, Crystal Crate & Cargo is a friendly place for exchanging ideas and conversation… a place to engage the senses, where a premium is placed on unique merchandise at a good value with confident and competent service. Here on our website, you will find a sampling of the products available at Crystal Crate & Cargo.

The staff at Crystal Crate & Cargo is multi-generational reflecting the various life stages of our customer  base.  Our goal is to provide people with an entertaining and relaxing shopping experience.  At any given time we have 15,000 separate items in stock.  Whew!  It takes a good crew to manage all that.

Sally Berlin is the founder, president, snow removal captain and owner of Crystal Crate & Cargo.  Her favorite thing is chatting with customers.  Her second favorite thing is being around all the beautiful things offered at CC&C.  In 1977 she had dark brown hair which she wore in a pony tail.  Today, she has smoke blond hair still worn in a pony tail.  She has great depth of product knowledge and history, but acknowledges that there is still something to learn every day from customers and vendors.

Kelene “Kelly” Luedtke has been with CC&C for so long that we have to check old records to be certain of her “start” date. She is a Frankfort native with a kind heart and quick wit.  She’s famous for her hole-in-one on #11 at Crystal Downs.  Her athletic prowess also shines on the ski slopes having begun the sport at Crystal Mountain on the front of her the skis of her father, Web Fairchild, when she was three.  She is the buyer for jewelry and pantry products.  If we don’t have it, she may be able to find it.

Nancy Cote is a retired kindergarten teacher and finally a grandmother.  She has a perfect skill set to buy for our Kids’ Corner.  She works a day a week on the floor and behind the scenes untold hours to curate toys and games appropriate for newborns to tweens.

Shelly Hamelink moved to Benzie County in 1996 with her husband Doug.  She is related to every LaGuire in the area through her father Al. Doug enjoys hunting and fishing.  Shelly enjoys coming up with new ways to prepare the bounty and is eager to share her ideas.  She loves to entertain family and friends.  She’s a big part of the happy atmosphere her at CC&C.

Kelsey Noah is in her second year at Northern Michigan University studying biology and photography.
She also runs cross country as well as indoor and outdoor track while at NMU. Working summers and holiday breaks, feel free to ask Kelsey where to find a product, she is sure to know and will be happy to help!

Alex Rice is a quiet Benzie Central student.  She joined our staff in 2010.  She can be spotted around the store tidying up or designing one of our window displays.  She is active in 4-H and FFA.  (Her family is famous for their grass fed beef.) Feel free to engage her in conversation…she knows where to find everything.